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Hungarian Vizsla stud


I'm a Hungarian Vizsla stud dog

growing up in the North West of England. I love my young and energetic family and I'm currently training to be a Gun Dog. I have a kind temperament and I’m eager to please. I am a great natural gun dog with a flair for hunting and I excel at retrieving. I am elegant and moderately boned and have nobility in my head and carriage with a vibrant Russet Gold colour. My family tree is littered with the very best Hungarian Vizsla breeders. I am one of the top Hungarian Vizsla stud dogs in the North West of England.

Growing up in a young family home I am affectionate and often found playing with children chasing tennis balls around the garden. While working with the adults on long bountiful walks or in the field working with other hunter, pointer retriever gun dogs. I also enjoy long runs in any weather, the muddier the better! I am a keen swimmer especially in the summer months. I enjoy working in all weather and stay focused on the task given to me.

I plan to be a member of the Hungarian Vizsla Society and have made a declaration that as a Hungarian Stud Dog I will abide by both The Kennel Club General Code of Ethics and the mandatory Code of Ethics which is designed to ‘safeguard the future of the Hungarian Vizsla’. International breeding available.

I hope you enjoy my website and if you have any questions please get in touch.

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